New CBS News Report About Severe Risks From Botox Injections and Botox Bars

We shared some research a few weeks ago that was done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

This showed for the first time that the toxins that are injected into the skin during a botox procedure, do not stay put necessarily. (source

The reason this is an issue is that botox itself works really well. When an area of skin is injected, the toxin cuts certain proteins in half.

These are the proteins that are responsible for nerve signals to the muscles. When they are cut in half, the nerves stop sending a signal, and the muscle is relaxed. 

And the face smoothes out.

Now that researchers have established that these toxins move around, the concern is that nerves connected to muscles you don't want to relax can "have their proteins cut in half." 

This backed up conversations I had with my own doctor who said that have been a lot of unpredictable "outcomes" reported between doctors. (But not necessarily to the press.)

So it was interesting to read this CBS News story from two days ago that highlighted some of the exact concerns I had been hearing about, and more. 

If you are sensitive, don't scroll through the full article. There is a picture of a woman whose injection hit a blood vessel, and the blood went all through the upper layer of her skin.   

There is also a quote in that story from the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons saying, "With (these) injections, you can lose skin, you can get gangrene, you can get blindness that requires moments to treat."   

I help run a company that owns a new skin care line, so the next logical question might be, am I being alarmist or is this cherrypicking the risks?

We have many doctors, journalists and researchers on this email list so I want to as careful as I can when I discuss this. Over the years I have been on TV across the country, even on CBS News itself.

I think these links I provide can help you decide for yourself. There is a lot there. My company produces a lot of content, and we also sell things. So we try and make those two things distinct, to the extent possible.

Back to the core issue here. What's interesting is that instead of cutting these proteins in half, you can get them to temporarily "back off" or "chill out" using 2 relatively new ingredients that are entirely non-toxic. 

With our Wrinkle Erase C Serum, we took a conventional Vitamin C Serum, and then upgraded it to include these 2 ingredients that get the proteins to chill out. It's an entirely different approach to the same goal of getting facial nerves and muscles to relax. For a period of time.

We also added an interesting ingredient from Ocean Algae, which helps to grow (most common) Type 1 collagen, grow important cells and help create a "perceptible instant tightening effect on the skin."   

Finally, to this we added an ingredient developed in a highly regarded lab in Barcelona, which grows both Type 1 as well as the much rarer Type 3 "youth collagen." 

What this all means, is that instead of just having your muscles and skin relax naturally, you ALSO are rebuilding the inner structure of your skin. 

It's an entirely different approach and way of thinking. And it's not just about skin care from the outside.

If there is too much inflammation or sugar in your system, you are not going to get the "look way younger" impact that you potentially could.


PS: This is the link to a new 3 pack of the Wrinkle Erase C Serum

We also have a 6 pack that we created for Dermatologists and Doctors who want to buy and then re-sell in their offices. We will be creating more for different products as we are asked.  


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