Boulder Endless Inner Clean (Clay-Based Detox and Weight Loss Formula)

Boulder Endless Inner Clean (Clay-Based Detox and Weight Loss Formula)


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This is one of the best and cheapest all purpose weight loss and health supplements available. Use the INSIDER50 code to save 50% on as many bottles as you like.

Endless Inner Clean combines a group of proven ingredients which work together to help eliminate toxins from the body. The key to the unique value of this product is the combination of ingredients that help to "seek out" toxins and then remove them from the body.  Take 2 tablets before bed.

**Features Bentonite Clay** The clay minerals in this formula perform this task in a way that almost no other substance can, and function as a "binder" which seeks out toxins and removes them.

When you pair this with fiber and other ingredients you have an effective and cost effective every day detox. This is the most cost effective detox product we have ever brought to market. You should take this before each meal. And before bedtime.

In our 12+ years of experience running PEERtrainer, we know that so many people feel like they are doing everything right, but not losing weight. In almost every case like this, some level of high toxic load plays a role. 

Why This Formula Is Unique: This is the only product on the market which combines traditional cleanse ingredients like fiber, with high mineral clay.

Ingredient Drill Down: Contains Psyllium Husk, high in soluble fiber, and Bentonite Clay which absorbs toxins, this proprietary blend works to clear the intestines of the build up of unhealthy bacteria and accumulated toxins. Bentonite has a high mineral content and is known as a powerful "binder" which seeks out toxins. 

The inclusion of Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria to allow for maximum absorption of nutrients from food. This also contains Aloe Vera and Gentian Root that help restore natural digestive processes that may have slowed with the build of up of toxins in the gut.