Boulder Endless Inner Beauty (Collagen Growth Formula With High Dose Of Biotin)

Boulder Endless Inner Beauty (Collagen Growth Formula With High Dose Of Biotin)


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Endless Inner Beauty contains natural extracts to promote healthy collagen production, vital for good skin health. It also contains extracts that support the growth of keratin which gives hair and nails their strength and supple quality. 

The coenzyme Biotin is used by the body to help form the structural protein keratin. In conjunction with Niacinamide to facilitate the production of collagen, it is a key ingredient in Boulder Endless Inner Beauty. Biotin has been clinically proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and also increase the ability of the skin to retain moisture.

Biotin is very hard to get from food sources, especially cooked food sources. For example, raw egg yolks are the best source, but few of us want to consume that. That's why raw eggs are consumed by athletes during training.

The high amounts of Biotin in this supplement help to quickly boost your levels of this very useful nutrient. That's the secret of any supplement- you never know exactly what you can get from food and what you really can't easily.

Additional Nutrients:

Vitamin B5, shown to promote tissue renewal and wound healing, and Vitamin B6, which causes vasodilation improving circulation to give skin a healthy flush, are also included in this supplement formulated to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Supported by a range of vitamins, it is designed fort hose who want to boost their beauty regime from within. If you look at the main ingredients, you'll see the Vitamin A, C and E are also key ingredients in our Vitamin C Serum.