Boulder Endless Energy Detox: Intro Guide and Program Links

This page has been built to provide all the information you need to follow the Boulder Endless Energy program. We have been running a version of this same program for 8 years, within the PEERtrainer community and also for very large corporate clients.

This new version contains the best weight loss and body transformation information available. 

We have 3 audio files, please listen to all of them at one time. 

1. Listen to the getting started call here.

2. Listen to the week 1 class here.

3. Listen to the week 2 class here.

The PDF with all the program documents including recipes is here


We have been running cleanse and detox programs to help people lose weight for many years, and learned a lot. Two big things in particular:

1. The average person is overwhelmed by a program that requires a lot of time spent digesting a lot of materials at once, and requires a lot of changes at once.

2. The same person can very easily follow a program that requires a few clear principles over a two week period.  This page is designed to outline a set of very doable suggestions, that will get a great result.

The result of following this easy to follow program has both short term and long term benefits. Short term is some quick weight loss, and long term is both continued or maintained weight. 

The reason a cleanse or detox program works is that it addresses the core reality that staying fit gets more challenging with age. Simple calorie restriction is less and less effective as we get older, and it can be frustrating. We also accumulate toxins over time and this prevents the body from functioning properly.

A cleanse or detox done the right way helps the body work better quickly. For many people, it's really the only way to lose weight without a drastic intervention. (Like fasting.)

Here is a list of the mandatory steps to take that will lead to a good result for many.

1. The first is a complete removal of added sugar and alcohol. You can't completely eliminate sugar that is in food- even some of the shakes have small amounts of sugar to help with the taste. The shakes help to fill you up, and contain added nutrients that help with sugar cravings.

Removing alcohol helps the liver in a big way, and helps your body work better. You have more energy and end up feeling better.  

2. The second is removing as much dairy and carb heavy foods like bread as possible. We have run hundreds of thousands of people through this basic elimination protocol, with great results. Everyone is different, but a simple thing like removing dairy can help people get relief in unexpected areas. Less joint pain for example.

3. The third step is making sure to use a shake with added fiber twice a day. We have a Detox Suite here in our store.  The shake and fiber combination fills you up, and gives you nutrients that help to make your body work better. It also gives your digestive system a break. When you give your liver and gut a break, things start to work more like they used to. The All In One Chocolate Shake is the best one on the market to help target the toughest cases of weight loss resistance.

4. We have added our Inner Clean product to the required list. This is an inexpensive product that you take a couple times a day, and before bed. It contains Clay Minerals, which are a magic tool that "binds" to toxins, and are then removed when you have enough fiber in your system. There is even a small amount of added fiber in Inner Clean which helps with this. This "binding" process literally attracts toxins and then absorbs them into the clay minerals. It can get at the really hard to target junk in your body that can't be pulled out any other way in most cases.

These are the four really major things for success. If you follow these rules, then the other foods you eat are going to assist almost naturally. If you are a moderate drinker, you'll find that the added Glutathione is going to help incredibly.

Suggestions For Your Other Meals During This Two Week Period:

We strongly suggest you make or buy blended soups. You can even buy vegetable soups and blend them yourself. This further helps to give your digestive system a break. One huge serving of blended vegetable soup a day is going to really help out, and we strongly suggest it.

Large salads are also a staple for success on this program. They fill you up and give you added micronutrients. 

Large amounts of any kind of cooked vegetables like broccoli and asparagus are also going to help increase odds of success. You really already know the foods that are going to help you. You have read all the books, seen all the TV shows on healthy eating. You see great recipes in magazines every day.

A great coaching suggestion here is that when you have shakes with added fiber during the day, your strong cravings for high calorie foods are going to be lower. You are going to find that is easier to eat the meals you know are healthy without feeling crazy hungry shortly after.

We will keep updating this page with suggestions from all of you. We really want to make sure we add success tips from people who have gone through this process. Great PEERtraining!!

In terms of getting started, we promote Detoxes once a month, and encourage people to do this in waves. This gets you in the process, and then our daily coaching emails help to deepen this habit.

You want to think of this as a skill that as you practice you get better at. And you train your body to work better and better. Incrementally. This can be incredibly effective as you do this several times over the year, and then adopt as many of these habits permanently.

-Jackie and the PEERtrainer Team