What Order Do I Use The Skin Beautiful MD "Fabulous Four" Kit

This is THE most common question that we get. I had a chance to speak with Robin today who called our new skin care hotline (917-512-3801)

"I just I've been using the skin care line and I have to say I am surprised and impressed with how well it seems to be working on my fifty-three-year-old skin at this point, but I have a couple of questions one is what order do you use the products?"


So nice to speak to a long time customer and hear her voice. Nearly everyone is surprised at how well this line works. We all have a skin care graveyard in a bag under our sink. It takes some extra work to get those of you looking at this line off the fence.

And I was able to answer her questions in an even better way than email because there was a back and forth in real time.

She wanted to know the order of how you use the products.


I explained that the Citrus Stem Cell Miracle is always first, then the Vitamin C Serum, then the Eye Serum and then Night Cream. She said this is exactly what she's been doing.


1. Citrus Stem Cell miracle. You can use this several times during the day if you like but I want to make sure that is first after a clean face and you use it all over. Don't forget your neck and décolletage. My greatgrandmother is from Paris and worked her whole life as an executive at Lancome. Even at 8 years old she told me about protecting the neck and décolletage and I think I am the only one of all of my friends that has very little signs of an aging neck.

2. Vitamin C Serum. Follow the same directions as the Citrus Stem Cell Miracle.

3.  Eye serum. Use four "dots" total. Size of a small pill. Take one dot on your index finger and lightly place underneath your eye. Smooth in lightly. Take a 2nd dot and put on your lid and smooth over skin lightly. Do this same with the other eye.

4. Day/Night cream. If you use SPF in the morning (I do), blend in with the cream in your palm and use both. But only in the morning. You >don't want SPF on your skin at night. It clogs your pores and inhibits repair. Please use a generous amount. And I usually put a bit on my hands as well. Especially at night when you're sleeping and your body is in total and deep repair mode.

I also mentioned that I use an SPF in the morning that still gives me that feeling and look. And that I use the Citrus Stem Cell Miracle for that look as well because it tends to make my wrinkles literally disappear.


She said she is so surprised and impressed by how that works for her too. She actually thought that you could only get rid of the deep forehead lines with botox, and while she said hers are still there, they are faint and so much better.


She also mentioned something that has also happened for me that I was the most excited about - she hadn't been wearing makeup for a while but had a job interview yesterday.

So she went to do her normal makeup routine and she usually puts a bit of cover up on to even out her skin, some of the red patches or other spots and she realized, she didn't really need it!

The same thing happened to me! I didn't realize how much this evened out my skin tone until I went to put on my cover up. Funny how we had the almost exact same experience.

We have a special code for those of you who want to try these 4 products as a kit. You'll see the code on this page, and when you enter it you'll see your extra special mystery deal!

Important things to add:
1) Use the hyaluronic cream before bed.  Also use on any part of your body any time of the day. It is unreal.  
2) Use the Vitamin C Serum and Citrus Stem after being in the sun.  These help you enjoy the sun without fear.
3) For collagen building, these products are incredible in general. Try to use them twice a day.


  • Hi Lilia! Use the Vitamin C Erase during the day to mask and blur any wrinkles. I use it around my mouth and eyes. Don’t use it overnight. Only use the Vitamin C serum (without the erase ingredient) so you can give your skin a chance to breathe and repair.

  • Elizabeth, we are working on that right now :)

  • Hi Christie! The sample is right here! https://store.peertrainer.com/products/free-sample-skin-beautiful-md-vitamin-c-erase-serum?pos=1&_sid=f1829cf02&ss=r

  • Thanks for sending this message. I would like to know when to use the vitamin C Erase after what product. Thank you

    Lilia Varela
  • What sunscreen do you use? Also what cleanser and toner?

    Elizabeth Crutchfield

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