The Cheat System Diet: Link To Download The 350 Page PDF Of The Whole Book

The Cheat System Diet is a book that was published in 2014 by St. Martins Press. We now have 100% ownership of the book, and are making it 100% free to our audience.  

The book was based on a hugely popular free PDF that we created a few years before. The original PDF was simply a guide to two list of foods. One list was foods that were unlimited. The other list were foods that were "Cheats" that you had to account for. 

We assigned a point value to these "Cheats" and gave you a daily target. The diet itself was very successful, because our original objective was to provide a system to help you lose weight AFTER traditional portion control diets stopped working.  

The best diet for you personally is the one that WORKS.

What we found was that when people added the framework of The Cheat System Diet to their existing habits and knowledge, great things would happen. People would lose weight, feel better etc.  

Unlike Weight Watchers,The Cheat System Diet is NOT a "balanced" diet. It is designed to help people rebalance in the context of a highly toxic world.

The main philosophy of the book is to help you increase your micronutrient intake. The reason we focused on micronutrient intake was based on guidance from a group of scientists, who had made this simple observation: as micronutrient intake goes up, weight and a host of disease states starts to go down.  

The theory is that most people have a micronutrient deficiency, and as this gap gets fixed, people feel better and their system works better. And they sometimes lose a ton of weight.

People already eat plenty of macronutrients. Which are carbs, fats and protein. Most diets help people adjust the ratio of these macronutrients.  

Our approach was to almost ignore this entirely, and make sure that people increased their micronutrient intake a ton. Micronutrients are foods very high in naturally occurring Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients. Often these are in plants, but this system is in no way vegan, vegetarian or anti-meat.  

We just found that it worked really well, within the context of what people are already doing. The book, which you can access and the link below provides a broader explanation of the system.

Access The Entire PDF Here (No opt in required)

The first chapter is designed to explain the system and motivate you. The book also contains a PILE of recipes, and the PDF format allows you to easily search on any food you might want to eat. For example, you can search on the words "shrimp" or "soup" or "salad" or "beef" and you'll find great recipes for each.  

If you have eaten a traditional western diet for most of your life, you are going to find a system that helps you slowly detoxify your systems. As you read the book, please feel free to leave comments on this page.  

Here are some comments from industry colleagues:

“The Cheat System Diet perfectly melds what works for weight loss with what works for people. The result is a fabulous diet that won't just help you lose weight, but that you'll actually want to stick to!” ―JJ Virgin, author of the New York Times bestselling The Virgin Diet

“In this breakthrough book, Jackie Wicks reveals a food plan that won't perpetuate the tiresome diet - stress - fail pattern. The Cheat System Diet gives you the template to lose weight without sending your hormones in a disastrous death spiral.” ―Sara Gottfried, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure

“The Cheat System Diet is a refreshing new approach to eating and losing weight, that enables people to eat a diet which places more emphasis on foods that promote better brain health, and still letting people enjoy foods they love.” ―John Gray, New York Times bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“The Cheat System Diet is brilliant! Jackie Wicks understands how the brain works, and how habits are developed in the real world. This book clarifies why portion control is so hard, and makes it crystal clear why her "eat" foods will extinguish hunger. This breakthrough plan is realistic, loaded with practical information, and will add years of health to your life.” ―Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, author of The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, Assistant Professor University South Florida

“The Cheat System Diet" is a fantastic book for many reasons. Firstly, it works in a real way with how human psychology works...everyone is looking for a way out...and this book gives it to you...step by step. I love also that it relates closely to how the brain likes to function...without crazy effort and with significant short-term gains. And most of all, it is really congruent with how the author lives her life. For anyone who loves food but wants to lose weight without their brain objecting," The Cheat System Diet" is for you." I am certain that you will not only NOT be disappointed, but that you will also be ecstatic with what you are allowed to eat while still losing weight.” ―Srini Pillay, MD, Harvard Medical School

“Most strict diets are illusions, knowledge of which keeps us away from them. One quickly gains back the weight lost on such diets because the lifestyle and eating habits we have formed over the years are so deeply etched into our reptilian lower brain that automatically drives nearly everything we do. In essence, our upper brain or hypothalamus intellectually welcomes such strict diets and writes checks that our lower brain cannot cash in so easily. By being a bit easy on ourselves and cheating a little here and there the Cheat System Diet will increase our chance of changing our eating habits.” ―Fred Nazem, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Founder of Oxford Health Insurance




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