The 2 Most Unhelpful Myths When It Comes To Taking Care Of Skin After 35

There are 2 key myths when it comes to properly caring for your face after 35.

The first is the idea that by eating collagen you can rebuild collagen in your face.  This idea is something that is new in the last few years. The reality is that consuming collagen and protein is great for keeping muscle and bone strong.

But to rebuild collagen and elastin, the most effective route is topically.  And there are things you want to take internally. (More on that in a bit.)

This is actually the future of medicine itself. Using small molecules and peptides that are quickly absorbed into skin.

The second is the idea that you need to strip away layers of skin. 

Dermatologists specialize in procedures. It's a great business. 

For sun damage, there are all sorts of options that peel, poke, strip away or even burn the skin.

With the rise of the new ingredients from Europe that we keep talking about, comes an opportunity to heal the most sun damaged skin, in a much more gentle way. 

It's almost funny if you think about it.

Healing damaged skin without further damaging it. 

The risk with the "old" approach to treating sun damage is that your skin really does not have the nutrients to rebuild properly. 

Sure, you can strip a top layer away quickly, but what will take its place? 

How do you avoid that "papery" look that people get when they have "had work done."

With the Skin Beautiful MD line, we are not just promoting new products with great new ingredients/formulas.  

We are promoting a different way of thinking entirely. 

And we want to help you build the belief that having great looking skin as you age is possible.

Without expensive and damaging treatments that run the risk of having you develop a papery, unhealthy look.   

The Skin Beautiful MD approach to sun damage repair takes the concept of a Vitamin C serum, and makes it incredibly more powerful.

We add just the right amount of Vitamin A to help nurture healthy skin cell production. 

We add Vitamin E to help calm and hydrate the skin.

Then we add a very interesting ingredient from Germany, which further increases the ability of the skin to rebuild, repair and renew

And finally we add two ingredients (one French, one Spanish) that help rebuild the collagen under the skin. Quickly and over time. 

The overall effect is repair, renew and rebuild but in a way that makes you look healthy and vibrant.  You don't look like you "had something done."   

You just look great.

All the ingredients and benefits described above are in our Vitamin C Multi-Serum, which is really a sun damage repair formula

It also helps you enjoy the sun without as much risk. 

As your skin gets healthier, stronger and more powerful, when you do get sun, you get a tan- vs getting inflamed, red or aged.

If you have not tried Skin Beautiful MD before, you can try one bottle here for $27 using the INSIDER50 coupon code.

We offer a full guarantee if you use this for 30 days.  This is discounted from the regular price of $62.

If you already using the Skin Beautiful MD line, we are running a new bundle offer, where you can get 3 bottles of our Vitamin C Multi-Serum for $67.   

Nearly a 3 for 1 deal.

We created these bundles because people want to use these formulas on many different parts of their body. 

They see it work on their face, and want to use it on their neck, hands, even legs.

This deep discount helps you use a lot more.

This multi serum is also part of the Total Renew 30 Day Kit, which you can get for $98 here.   

This multi serum pairs incredibly well with this formula which helps to quickly target loose and saggy skin.  

When it comes to "beauty from within" the most effective products are those that help fix a nutrient deficiency.  

Most of us are not deficient in protein, but nearly all of us have much lower levels of biotin, especially as we age.  There is a growing number of conditions linked to biotin deficiency. (source)

Biotin is a "coenzyme" which are essentially "spark plugs" that make the "engine" of collagen production hum.  

Raw egg yolks are a great and unique source of this "nutritional spark plug." 

This is the reason you see athletes historically consume raw eggs!  Our Inner Beauty product contains big doses of Biotin, which is why it pairs so well with the topical products.  

This supplement also contains six other nutrients, which you can read about here.  

Biotin is also incredibly helpful if you have any level of thinning hair. This is why we give it away for free as part of the Follicle Growth Bundle.  

Even though we use different brand names for the supplements and skin products, they work together and very much share a core philosophy.

At a high level, we are helping you add key nutrients/nutritional innovations and removing toxins.  

There is a powerful detoxer in the night/day cream called Squalane.  

We also constantly promote our Inner Clean product which everyone should take at least once a day before bed. We added an extra discount today, which you'll see on the product page.  

There is a lot going on here.  As always, please hit reply to this email and let me know your progress and also any questions you have.


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