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 Latest from Melissa, August 17, 2019:

"Thank you, Jackie. I have been using your health products for years, and your skin products for about six months. I have been enjoying them, but not paying close attention to results.

One morning last week I was putting on my face, when I realized I couldn't remember whether I had put on a base or not. I usually wear it mostly as an extra protection for my very fair skin and to balance things out, but I honestly couldn't tell, so I just went as I was.

The next day, I got out of the shower and went to do my face. When I saw myself in the mirror, I actually said, "wow." Out loud. My skin looked that good.

Had to tell you.

- Melissa" 

"I have honestly been on the fence for weeks about whether or not to forward your skincare emails to certain friends. I want them to benefit but I also want to look the youngest.

Terrible but true. I’ve used mostly Perricone MD & Peter Thomas Roth products for 20 years and not one of them delivers results like your products.

My freaking pores are even smaller. That’s a goal I’ve been working on (& failing at) for a couple of years.

I’ve been using your entire line together for about 3 weeks and I cannot wait to see the results over time. Thank you SO much for creating this skincare line.”

 - Traci E.



“I have the vitamin C the nighttime complex moisturizer and something called vitamin C Erase. In what order should I use them? And do I need to use the Erace at the same time as the vitamin C? I am absolutely loving your products. Just need a little more direction.

I’m far from young, and I’ve spent all kinds of  money on products that did little or nothing. I absolutely love the  products so far. Even use them on my hands.

- "bonniehh"



"Hi Jackie!  I wanted to tell you that I went for my facial this morning and my esthetician couldn’t believe how great my skin looks!!! 

I was so excited to tell her about your products!  Just wanted you to know!"

Thank you,
Diane F



Hi Jackie,

My name is Beth, and I am a new customer who is loving your 30 Day Miracle Set of products. Two weeks in and I have already ordered a second set, plus taken advantage of your 2-for-1 night cream offer. I think I’m hooked. LOL 

Thanks for all that you do!

 ~Beth W



Dear Jackie,

I rarely give reviews for products of any kind, but this time I feel compelled to do so.

When your skin care products came out, I will admit that I was skeptical and somewhat disappointed, thinking that here is one more person/company putting out skin products as a money making venture.

I developed a sensitivity to the sun and skin products when I was pregnant with my son 35 years ago when I was 33 years old.

If you did the math, I am now 68 years old. Because I have rarely let my skin be exposed to the sun since then for any length of time, I do not have any sun damage, and folks think I am 10 years younger than I am.

I also wear no makeup except mascara and now some brow pencil to hide the gray.  Of course my Vitamin D levels were rock bottom, but that's another story!

Over the past few years, I have begun to notice more lines around my mouth and eyes in particular and pores becoming more noticeable. My skin had also begun to get dull.

I use a pure unscented coconut oil cleanser for my whole body, which I love. However, within a month, any and all creams and serums that I have tried over the years have given me a reaction of redness, swelling, itching, etc.

Did I dare try your skin products with this kind of history? With your extremely helpful price promotions and no risk guarantee, I decided to try your skin care products and give it the full 30 day trial that you requested.

I started with the Vitamin C Serum twice a day. I noticed a difference in my skin within a week...and no skin reaction!

So after two weeks when you offered a promotion on the Night Cream, I ordered that and added it to my regimen.

Still no adverse skin reaction!  Hooray! In addition to my face and neck, I also put the night cream on my upper chest area. What a wonderful feeling to my skin! These creams absorb within seconds, and my skins feels fantastic. No greasiness or feeling of residue. Delightful!

I have now added the Eye Cream and Instant Erase Packs. Equally good!  I am looking forward to trying the new formula Vitamin C Erase, too. It has now been almost two months since I started using your Skin Beautiful products. If my skin continues to respond this well, I will definitely keep using them!

With your promotions, you have made them affordable for those of us who do not have a lot of money to spend on this type of thing.

You keep us informed about how to use them properly and sparingly so that they last as long as possible. And you have included ingredients that really work like you say they do. This skeptic is now a believer!

Thank you for your honesty in product and promotion. I have shared your skin care emails with others and will continue to be an advocate of your products!  I am sold!

 By the way, both my son and I have been using your All-in-One shake formula for quite some time.  My son works nights and comes home at 3:30am hungry.  He doesn't want to cook at that time of night, so he had been resorting to some sort of pie, etc. No nutrition!!

So I encouraged him to try making a smoothie with your Chocolate All-in-One with almond milk and frozen fruit. He loved it! He has recently started adding ground flax seed and turmeric. Success!

Thank you, from the bottom of a mom's heart!! Thanks to you, Jackie, and your entire team. You are making a difference! Many blessings!

 - Christine W.



"I have had great results using the product. My hair is nice and thick and the non-existent edges are growing in! Also my nails grow very quickly.

It's one of the best products I have used. I also have to compliment the instant erase packs!!!! Wow!!! Whenever

I use my skin is so tight and smooth."



"Thank you for these wonderful products. I live in Montana where we have winter weather that is both cold and extremely dry, and plenty of wind. I'm an outdoorswoman, so it takes such a toll on skin. And I travel on work, which is also horrible on skin.

I had reached the point of not believing any claims on any skin care products: nothing has lived up to the promise. You changed that.

The serum combined with the moisturizer is my morning go-to and I use more than most would need to but it works - and the moisturizer again at night.

I love that there is no residue, nothing sticky. Just instant absorption and action. When I first got the eyelash thickener, I was unaware of using it on my thinning eyebrows but have and WOW. 

My skin looks better than it has in years, and certainly the best ever in a dry winter climate. Thank you, thank you.

 Don't ever stop carrying this: I won't know what to do."

- Louise



"Hi There,

I am delighted with the night cream - I can see the difference, Which seems to be miraculous, since I'm 80 years old.

It has a lot to Work against and has done so beautifully. Also using the C serum, which is also performing admirably. Thanks for you great products, Jackie!"

- Donna M.


"Just glad somebody helping. People showing. Much. Gratitude"



"Hey Jackie,

 Thanks so much for your reply. I love your new MD beauty creams and serums. I have noticed major improvement in my skin since I started them several months ago and will continue using them long term. I'm 66 and never dreamed for this kind of change in my skin at my age!

Love your vitamins and All in One shakes as well.

Keep up the great work. Thanks for your continued research and product improvements.




"I used Prescriptives, which I like, especially since they were the first I know of to create a base cover to match light skin other than ivory. I think their products are decent, but I was always left with residue by late day, and even before, and the consistency with which their products are available are increasingly random.

With yours I just feel fresh and light. I love them.   Yes, I think I have everything at this point, and I stock up during your frequent and helpful promos. I have also been a client of your all-in-one protein powder and other products for many years. Very happy with everything you offer. 

 Melissa in NY"


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Read more here!! >>


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