How To Lose Weight WITHOUT Increasing The Risk Of Breaking Your Hip By 250%

Some truly incredible new research was published on October 30th, 2019, in the Journal for the American Medical Association.  This is the largest organization of MDs in the United States.  The key finding of the new research is that when someone loses weight using calorie restricted dieting, they also lose muscle and bone density.  

The most shocking finding was that people also lost hip bone mineral density that increased the risk of hip fracture by 250%.

What is interesting is that this new research coincided with the launch of our new (and totally free) 14-Day Total Renew Program.  

What we are a doing in this program is primarily teaching you the latest research in some key areas.  

Mood, brain function, exercise, skin care, weight management and more.  When you understand the newest research and information, it helps you make dramatically better decisions.  

When you sign up for the Total Renew Program in the form below, the first thing you'll get is the full report published by the JAMA, and the exact thing you'll need to  do to reduce the risk of breaking your hip, losing bone density, and muscle.  There is a lot more to this program.  

Every day you'll be sent new research along with a simple summary and explanation. Powerful knowledge.

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